Knowing what the Patidar family of Ahmedabad did for Dhairyaraj will make you feel proud

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A 3-month-old baby named Dheryaraj has become the center of discussion on social media. On the one hand, Dhairyaraj’s family is seeking help for an injection of Rs 16 crore, while Dhairyaraj’s family is being appealed for help.

Inspired by this appeal, the Patel family living in Thaltej has donated for the life of Dhairyaraj. Nishit, a 24-year-old son of Sunil Patel, a resident of Thaltej, has recently passed away. Which has been donated for the purpose of not losing someone else’s son.

The Patel family donated the money from their son’s seat to Dhairyaraj Singh:
The Patel family has been shocked and saddened by the tragic death of their son and a unique initiative has been taken by the family to save Dhairyaraj. In which it has been decided to donate maximum amount by adding the money received by the family and personal capital after the death of the son in the sitting of the son.

In Rajkot, a man gave a ring to Dhairyaraj Singh:
Donations are pouring in for Dhairyaraj. Funds were raised by the National Rajput Karnisena on the road. This time a man showed his generosity by donating his gold ring. He also refused to give his name and vehicle number to keep the donation secret. The post went viral on social media by a conscious citizen.

The Kinnar community in Surat also collected donations for Dhairyaraj Singh:
Dhairyaraj Singh is suffering from a serious illness. The Kinnar community of Surat has also come forward to help him. The Kinnar Samaj has started collecting money from its members. About 65,000 rupees has also been collected by all these members.